Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back in action / Adventures in dating

Hi all! It's been a long while and boy do I have things to tell you guys. Bevie my dear, thank you so much for your concern. I appreciate that more than words can say.

Anyway - my home computer got a virus (again) and has been down for about a month, I started back to school and for those who have been listening to my saga for the last few months - I have an actual boyfriend and no, it's not the firefighter. See? I told you there's much to tell you. Ok, so below is the actual blog I started last month about just starting to see this guy so I figured I'll post this one now and start working on a few more getting you all up to speed. You know, I never realized how much I missed blogging until I couldn't do it. Go figure.

~February 3 (I think) 2009~

I am pretty well clueless on dating as is most blatantly obvious from my blog entries, but this recent exchange has just got me perplexed.

Yesterday morning my best friends mom called me (same one I went to Mexico with last year) and said that her son and daughter in law were going to have a little get together with some friends, watch UFC (Sorry BJ - crushing blow. Good thing you backed out when you did) and play some poker. Some of the people we met on the cruise were going to be there etc. I debated about it in usual Mia fashion: "Do I really have the gas money to drive out there? Plus I want to bring something. And poker? Don't exactly have the fundage to lose cash..." Then I thought: "Fuck it. It seems like all I do is work and go to school so I deserve to go out and have some fun. The firefighter is at his moms house three hours away, so why not? Go have fun with your second family (My best friend and I look so much alike that to this day people still ask us if we are twins) so we fit into each other's families perfectly.

Anyway -

Mom#2 and I get over to her sons house and I am so glad I decided to go. I see her grand kids, which the twins are now 13 and we share the same December 4th birthday, and the older grandson who is 15, 6'3 and pushing 280. Holy F this kid is huge. I've known this family for 10 years and it was just a trip to sit back and see how they have grown up and are changing into young men. Like usual, I start chatting to everyone and my soto brother asks how things are going with the firefighter and I give him an honest "I have no fucking idea really" and he said "Well, I've got a friend that I work with coming by tonight, he's 34, been divorced, has a 14 year old daughter, and looks like Brendan Frasier." I said "Are you trying tell sell him or warn me?" and he laughed and said "He's a good guy, and I'm just letting you know." Now, this was very touching to me and here's why. My best friend is a very sweet, passive, don't rock the boat kind of gal and I myself, well, one out of three ain't bad. Being passive, my buddy got picked on from time to time by her brother and once or twice he made the mistake of doing it in front of me. Don't pick on those who can't or won't fight back, especially when it's someone who's important to me. That being said, we have clashed on more that one occasion, disliked each other at first, then decided to ignore each other, eventually tried to make small talk and have now full on progressed to considering each other the brother and other sister we never had. Sweet aint it?
Mom #2 told me that there were two of his other friends from the cruise that were interested in me and he told them I had a boyfriend. I was a little irked at first, until his mom told me that was because he didn't think they were good enough for me. The brother I never had.

With all this knowledge, I figured if he was going to introduce me to this guy, then maybe, maybe he might be ok. (even though one thought that voice in my head keeps screaming is "DIVORCED AND 14 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER", then I thought, you haven't even met the man yet and who knows if there will even been anything more than just polite conversation so relax, it's not a marriage proposal. A little later we are sitting around the card table (I as an observer) and I got up to head to the kitchen and warm up some stuff for the dinner, and mind you, there are like 20 people in the house at this time so I was just sorta focusing on making it to the kitchen without running anyone down. That and not spilling my drink. So as I'm halfway there when my bro calls out "Hey Mom, Mia, this is Nick, Nick this is my mom and Mia."

Oh snap.

6', big beautiful light blue eyes, brown hair, goatee with light traces of gray running through both (which I'm really finding attractive lately) and from what I can see from the thermal with the t-shirt over it, a pretty nice body and yes, does indeed bear a striking resemblance to Brendan Frasier. We both turn back around to shake each others hand and he smiled and says "You're not the mom right?" and I said "No, but I'd looked pretty damn good if I was - just take a look." and pointed him out to Mom #2, who by the way, has a rockin bod for being 55. He laughed and said "I thought I was going to have to take you out and get you to tell me your secret of how you still look so good." Well alright. Less than two minutes into this and we have already made witty banter. This is already going better than some of my previous dates. However I, being socially retarded when it comes to dating, laugh say nice to meet you and continue into the kitchen, suddenly feeling like the gawky freshman kid who meets the senior star quarterback. I try to remember that I am no longer 16, but 30, grown up, self sufficient and thanks to mom and dads genes, turned out to be pretty attractive too. (yeah, I know, sounding a little pompous there) After I through the stuff in the oven I head out to the front porch with mom #2 while she smokes a cig. After a few minutes the door opens and my Bro goes "Hey, he asked me about you." and I said "He's cute." He said "You should go talk to him. He seems like a good guy." (awww) I said. "Well I will then. Thanks". You know what? It's really pretty tough to try and find somewhere to have a semi private moment to have a 'getting to know you conversation' with 25 people around. So we just briefly chat or crack a joke when we'd run into each other somewhere throughout the house. I kept wondering if he was going to ask me for my number or if I should just go get his and as a matter of fact was sitting on the front porch talking to mom #2 when he comes out, looks at me and says "hey, can I call you sometime?" Then I watched him fumble around for like 5 minutes with his iPhone while he tried to program it. What the fuck ever happened to writing it down on a piece of paper for Christ's teeth? Anyway, pretty exciting right?

Um, maybe not.

You know the old saying when something usually seems too good to be true, it probably is? Well, you make the call. He start telling me about all these chicks he's been seeing recently and about how someone broke up with him because he was too good looking, was too nice, too devoted etc. Now, I do not have an extensive dating background, but I must say, this hit me as rather hilarious. What you think you are saying and how it is coming across are two totally different things. He then says that he is supposed to go meet some chick for drinks after the fight, but he's really not looking forward to it - maybe I would like to go out with him instead and he would cancel with her. WTF? Telling a chick you just met how you are dreading going on a date with another chick later on that evening in case she likes you is so wrong and topping it off by offering to dump her for you? What a classy guy. All I can think is "Dude, this guy knows exactly how hot he is (I must admit, really, really, freaking hot. Hotter than the firefighter. What bunk) and he must just bang chicks left and right and thinks anyone will sleep with him - fuck this dude." So me being me decides to just start cutting this fool down. Now we've both been drinking a bit (Come to find out later, this guy barely drinks at all - total lightweight -and was pretty toasted at the time) So the next time he shuts up I look at him and say "Are you telling me all this because you are trying to impress me, or do you want me to pat you on the back cause your hands are full?" The look was priceless and he starts tripping over himself to apologize and saying that I'm misunderstanding him. On and on this sort of thing went for the rest of the evening with me just tossing pot shot after pot shot at this fool and him coming back for more, but when I did decide to ease up on occasion, I'm surprised to say that we actually had really good conversation. "Don't let him fool you" is all I can think.

About 11:30, Mom #2 and I decide to head home. I figured what the hell. I had a good time, was followed around by an extremely hot guy (Turns out he's a personal trainer on the side. The one time this awesome phenomenon of a hot guy pursuing me happens, he turns out to be a dick. Thanks a bunch) and I'm in no better or worse situation than when I got here, just a little drunker :) I finally get home and the next morning about 11:00 guess who's calling me? Um, yeah - Nick. It all starts coming back in waves and droves and I'm thinking how did he get my number? Oh yeah, I gave it to him before I found out what a dick he is. Shit. He's telling me how much he enjoyed meeting me and would really like to see me and - hey - what am I doing for super bowl? I tell him I already have plans to be at my dad's for the game and he asks I will call him afterwards and maybe we can go for a drink or something. I say I'll think about it because I'm already tired and have to work in the morning" and he actually says "Please think about it. I really want to see you again. I know how I must have sounded, but I'm not that kind of guy and I'd like it if we could talk more." Huh? Now I have heard a lot of pickup lines, but seriously? You want to talk more? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe your not a player. Maybe your just a FAG. I say that I will call him after the game and see what's up then.

When it was all said and done I did call him and he said he was on his way home and asked if I was still at my dads. I said yes, why? Cause he wants to come by and pick me up there and stop in and meet my dad so he knows who I'm going out with.

Now, I am totally confused. What kind of a guy does this? This is the macho asshole, playa from last night? At this point, I'm not even sure who you are or what your all about and now you're coming to meet my dad? I haven't even known you 24 hours yet. You know what's even crazier? I am so utterly intrigued by this guy that I tell him "Fuck it, come on by."...


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