Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get Outta Town!

So I last left off where Nick and I were going away together in San Francisco at this place where I had a gift certificate for a weekend stay for two at a rather nice hotel. Yes, hotel, not motel :) He comes by after work to pick me up - and brings me a (at least) $200 bouquet of flowers. I am truly quite shocked. With the exception of my dad, I have never gotten anything better from my guys than a dozen roses that you get at the store. Yeah, that includes Dante too. Not that you should bitch when you get flowers or anything, but sometimes its nice to have something with a little thought put into it. Anyway - I say to him "Nick, these are beautiful, isn't it going to be a little tough to bring them with us though? He looks at me and says "What do you mean? I figured that you would just toss them on the counter and we would be done" WTF? Who spends money like this on someone you don't know? Oh well, I'll hitch a ride for a bit you know? So I finish taking my class on line and we head off. Now, aside from mutual physical attraction, we are still on a 'getting to know you' type basis, so the car ride down is a lot of perfunctory questions, but there is just no denying the sexual tension in the car. I'll spare you the gruesome details, but we could not have arrived at the hotel soon enough...

Then we actually got there.

If you remember at the beginning of my story, I was planning on using a gift certificate that I had received in 2006. Now, as I live in California, gift certificates do not expire in California. Me being a planner, I called ahead, spoke with the admissions person, got an email confirmation, brought it with me etc. Well - the lady behind the counter - Kelly - was a huge bitch. Ok, it's like 10:30 by the time we get there and we are (for lack of a better description) ready for bed. Kelly informs me that my gift certificate is expired and we cannot stay there. I politely inform her and show her my back up for the room confirmation. After 20 minutes of back and forth, she finally relents and says "I need to charge $25.00 to a credit card and you can stay." No problem right? Oh yeah, not problem if you are not me. Ya see, Nick had cash on him ($2,000), but no card and I had put my card in my pants pocket after I got gas...then changed those pants before we left. Awesome. Kelly informs us that there is no way we will be allowed to stay there without a credit card. Nick asks if he can give her the cost of the room for the night in cash as collateral. She says no. He asks if he can give her a $500 deposit for the night. She says no. I on the other hand am just thinking to myself "Are you fucking kidding me? I drove all the way to SF with this super hot guy I've known for like a week or so and here we are 10:30 at night, 2 hours from home with no place to stay." Nick is now starting to get pissed and Kelly is seconds away from threatening to call the cops (I could just see how well that would work out) so I step in front of Nick and say we should leave. We are both pissed, but I am now at the giddy stage of WTF, so I am laughing my ass off. After things like this happen to me so often, I figure I can either laugh or cry. Shocking I don't do more of the latter. Well, as luck would have it there was a Motel 6 right next door. He says "Fuck it?" I say "Fuck it" and we head over to begin our romantic weekend at fabulous Motel 6...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When it rains, it pours

If you've ever bothered to read my archive blogs, you'll note that the vast majority of my moans and gripes have not just been about about my love life, but the lack there of. For months and months (possibly even a year or two) I have been so lonely, wondering if anyone out there would ever fall in love with me again or even show me the slightest bit of attention for that matter. Truly, I cannot begrudge the firefighter because he is truly a good guy. Shitty in relationships in my opinion, but never once did we fight or argue and I am indeed a better person for having known him. The divorced guy can suck my balls and Dante is a whole different animal, but one that I still love as much as I hate. Now there is Nick. I hate to jump ahead without at least telling the few good stories that I have to tell about us first, but what the hell, you'll find out sooner or later anyway.

Nick and I have been dating for about two months now, his daughter (who is very sweet and polite by the way) is slowly but surely warming up to me. I have come to discover that yes, he is indeed can be pompous and more than a little cocky, he is also extremely romantic, sweet, funny, thoughtful, caring and dare I say it (maybe too) in touch with his feminine side. More stories about Nick later, but the gist of this is that I am exclusively dating Nick at this point. I know, I know.

So I'm at work today and I have to run next door to track down some paperwork. If you're not up to speed, the office next door to where I currently work is where I got laid off from last year. Irony: That office is the biggest client of the law firm I now work for. Hilarious isn't it? Anyway, so I'm next door and I see a friend of mine that I used to work with and hadn't seen in a few months. Now this guy here: super fuckin hot. Like dirty, nasty, almost wrong at work fantasies about this guy. God he is good looking. He was a bodybuilder at one time, blue eyes, a little on the shorter side, clean shaven, clean cut dirty blond hair and just plain gorgeous. All of this aside, he was married to the same woman for 20 years (he's mid 40's), has three kids so way off limits. To be fair, I was with Dante and would never have dreamed of cheating on him, but this guy was the nice day dream from time to time. Anyway, the last time we worked together everything was status quo for him, but I had heard in December that he and his wife were having problems, but didn't think much about it (firefighter was flaming back up if you will). So today he comes over to the office where I am working (did I mention I happened to be on my knees at this time going through files? Can you hear the porn music in the background?) we talk for a few minutes and I notice he's lost a little weight. I ask if he's ok, and he says "Well you know what's going on right?" I say no and he reaches out his hand and says "Come up here so I can tell you about it". He pulls me up and tells me that he moved out in December, in January the wife had hired a realtor to sell the house and served him with divorce papers. Ouch. What can you say man? He was there when Dante and I split up and that whole ugly scene so I totally get it, but still, what is the right thing to say? So we talk for a little longer and I say I have to get back to the law office. As I go to leave he sorta steps in front of me and says "Before you go, I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner or out for drinks sometime. You have always intrigued me Mia." SHIT! SERIOUSLY? I pick up his hands in mind and tell him that I am beyond flattered, but I've recently started seeing someone and it's getting sorta serious etc. He smiled and said that he wished he would have asked me sooner, but if I am ever interested to give him a call...

Wondering why I said no? Because not only do I not want to be in the middle of a possibly messy divorce and be a step mom to three kids, but because I think I am really starting to care for Nick...

P.S. Bevie ~ I really enjoy your commentary. If you would like to share a little more about yourself or even share your blog, that would be awesome. Thanks for coming back and really, there are some good stories coming up in the next few days :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I hate MySpace, really I do. Personally, I think it is childish, stupid and a thousand other kinds of slanderous phrases. The bigger pisser? I have a MySpace page. Why? Because there are certain friends and family that seem to only want to communicate through MySpace, so I have broken down and yielded to the hype. Total and complete bunk - until someone you haven't seen in years and have wondered about continuously tracks you down.

Which is exactly what happened to me tonight.

My high school boyfriend was one I had a crush on for two years before we finally went out and he was my first love for a distance and up close. And oh yes, I did all the silly girl stuff of admiring him from a far, taking up the same interests, getting to know the same people - all to be closer to him. When we finally did become "boyfriend-girlfriend" I was beyond happy. That is until his parents decided to move out of state two months later. Oh how I cried and cried. For almost a solid year I pined after that guy. We would talk a few times a week, write each other letters and to be fair, the last time I actually saw him would be around 1993 and we did manage to keep in touch until some time in 2001. He got married, had a kid, moved from Arizona to Texas to Florida and I managed to keep up with him through all that. Of course once I started seeing Dante, everyone else seemed less important, especially people I hadn't seen for years. Now, I have thought about him quite often from time to time, tried to find him in the yellow pages and had even tried MySpace a while back with no luck, so I figured if we were meant to cross paths again then we would. And now we have. So far all I have is a message that says "Remember me?" Please my man, how could I forget? I have no plans on seeing him or anything, hell, I don't ever know where he lives, but I am just amazed at how life works out sometimes. In this case, all thanks to MySpace. Who would have thought? Most definitely not me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What to do, what to do...

Go away for the weekend? Together? Holy crap. And, as usual, the conversation in my head went something like this:

-Mia, you haven't even known this guy a week.

-Yes, but your Bro knows him and works with him and he's met your dad. Isn't that a good sign?

-Sure, that's exactly what every other stupid ass girl who's ever gotten raped or murdered has said about the new guy she went away with after know a few days. Good call.

-What happened to taking a leap and trying something new when an opportunity presents itself? If this guy wants to take you out and spend money on you for the weekend, let him.

-But then I would feel like I owe him.

-Wait, is that such a bad thing? (Stupid grin to myself)

-Jackass. Ok, you know the mantra: Take a chance. Sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad things happen, but if you don't take a chance nothing happens. That doesn't mean don't be careful though...

So I text him back "Sounds like it could be fun. What did you have in mind?" He suggests camping. Camping? You are aware that it's February right? Oh please don't be pretty but stupid. I can't deal with stupid. I text back that I have a gift certificate for a place in San Francisco for a weekend stay so why don't we just use that? He says it sounds good and hence, the weekend away looms in the near future...

As a few of you have noted and should be obvious from my descriptions, Nick is very handsome, but can be one cocky son of a bitch. He's good looking, educated, rolls like he has money and has a goddammed gift when talking to people. At first glance, he seems shallow and pretentious - the kind of guy you are either too intimidated to talk to or the kind you fall over yourself to get at. I figure I've got to see if there is anything more to this guy or if this is going to be a waste of time for both of us.

I get home from school the following night, call him and tell him I'm really tired, but I'll call him tomorrow. He sounds disappointed

N - "That's all I get for now?"

M - "What do you mean?"

N - "Good conversation. it's been so long since I've had it and you've left me yearning for more."

Inside voice: WTF??? What kind of guy says yearning in conversation? Oh yeah! Fags and poets.

M- "I too enjoy our conversations, but tonight I just want to crash and burn ok?"

N - "Ok, no problem, I understand. Sweet dreams and I will talk to you tomorrow ok? Good night."

A few minutes later my phone rings - a text message from Nick: "So we aren't taking the dogs then?" Ok guy, for a few minutes I'll bite. You get 10 maybe 15 minutes of conversation from me then your done. I call him back and say "So you are determined not to let me sleep huh?" I ask. We talk for a few minutes about the weekend and I say that I'm getting pretty tired, but I was glad he text me again. "You know, you have a really nice voice. I like hearing you talk to me." I said. He asked what I wanted him to say and I said "Tell me a story." he got real quiet suddenly. "What kind of story do you want to hear Mia?" I said "Whatever you feel like sharing with me Nick." And he proceeds to tell me about his near death experience almost 10 years ago, what happen with his first wife and other life changing events. Out of respect and privacy I won't go into details, but I know that I spent the next hour and a half listening, in awe, of his life story. When it was all said and done, I also knew that I had a lot of misconceptions about this guy, his attitude and behavior. In all honesty, if I had cheated death in such a fashion, I think I might do a lot of the same things. Oh, and yes, I have seen the scars on his body and the pictures of him in a wheelchair when they said he would never walk again. What a trip to look at the picture then look at the guy in front of you. Anyway, point of all this is that his 'story' that night made me want to get to know the real him. At the end of the conversation, it is agreed that he will come to my house tomorrow night and we will then go to dinner. The next night, he ends up having to work a little late and doesn't get to my place till 8:00 or so. He comes in and I can tell he's tired, but man, he sure looks good. He gives me a hug and I love the largeness of him of you will. I like that he is powerfully built, over six foot, deep voice, big hands...so I pour us both a glass of wine (ok, this is my second glass) and we sit on the couch listening to music just talking about the day. We finish our wine and he looks at me with that adorable crooked smile and says "We should get you to dinner. You got all dressed up and look so pretty." I know I blushed, refilled out wine glasses and said they were just my work clothes. I took a big drink of wine cause I was starting to feel nervous in that good way again, sat down next to him on the couch and said maybe we could just run to the store or find something here to eat. Did anything sound good to him? "Yes." he said, "There has been one thing on my mind that I have been hungering for all day." then leaned forward to kiss me. Wow. My head spins and all I know right then and there, we are not making it to dinner. To be fair, this is the first time in 30 years that a phenomenon like dating 2 really hot guys within a short span of each other has ever happened to me and who knows if it will again. Think about me what you will, but I'm going to enjoy the ride while I still have a ticket.

So we are making out hot and heavy on the couch he takes off his shirt - oh my God, I am ashamed to admit how turned on I was just by his body. Not that you can't be attracted to someone regardless, but the fact that he was as ripped and toned as he is just fired something off in me...I mean the fire fighter had a nice body too, but this guy here just blows him out of the water. Almost Adonis like is all I can say. And yet, I am ashamed to admit it.

You see, I am not even close to being in that realm. Honestly, I am a good 40 pounds overweight, which helps me look curvy, but far from the tall, slender, long legged chicks that this guy dated/married; I've seen the pictures. Even I don't think I seemed like his type, what's even better, when I brought that up to him, he said "I know. You're not my type, but there is something about you that draws me to you. From the first night I saw you, I knew I wanted to be with you." What do you say to that? Yet in some respects, I feel far more advanced that he does. Like sex for example. I have had more partners than he has and probably more versatile experience if you will. I am more confident about certain things than he is and have no trouble speaking my mind. As a person, I can be overwhelming and intimidating just being my normal self, so in ways he may have met his match. Ok, enough rambling, back to the story.

As stated earlier, we are pawing at each other, his shirt off, my blouse off, tank top coming off and I stop him "Before we get going, um, you know I just got my job at the law firm and don't have insurance yet, so not only do I not have a condom, I don't have birth control either." He pulls back a bit (I'm sorta laying on top of him on the couch) looks at me for a moment, and laughs. "I love how blunt you are. You always seem to catch me off guard. No need to worry honey, I have condoms and (bonus) I'm fixed too." Being the classy, horny little bastard I am I said "Well, why are your pants still on?" We both start grinning and he says "Princess, this is going to be a great night" leans forward, puts his huge hands on either side of my head and pulls me towards him for deep, soft kiss. When he finally pulls back, he looks at me with those big blue eyes and says, "I've wanted you since the moment I saw you and I can't control my desire for you any longer. Come to bed with me."

I think I just said this a few months ago, but this here, this is the best sex I have ever had. Better than when I was 18 and sleeping my co-worker whom I publicly hated, but secretly lusted after. He was a wrestler, cocky attitude, cut body and red hair. For some reason, red hair is always a winner with me. Anyway, when we finally did have sex, it was phenomenal but this here - this is bigger and better than that (and everyone else).

We finally made it to my room about 9:00 or so and fell asleep around 2:00 (do the math kids) and no, no sleeping in between. I swear to you, it really was just like one of those ridiculous Harlequin romance novels where the guy is just saying the most beautiful things, there was sweat glistening off his rippling muscles, hair was cascading off the pillow and all that stuff you buy in a little hardback for $7.99. I can honestly say, I have never had anyone give me so much pleasure or make sure that I have as much pleasure as possible during sex. Afterwards when we would lie there, both spent and flushed, just talking, sharing, laughing about anything and everything when one of us would touch the other either on purpose or accident and instantly, the desire would flare up and we would be at it again. The alarm went off way too soon at 6:30 and you better believe that we were back at it again - to the point where I have to work at 8:30 and I was almost late :) Nothing better than walking through the door when your co-worker looks at you and says "I notice your moving a little slow today like you got rode hard and put away wet. Man you look beat!" and the only thing I could think to say was "Really? I'm not sure why. I was in bed by 9:00..."

So now it's Friday morning and I get a text: Good morning beautiful. You rock my world and I can't get you out of my head. I'm sweeping you away tonight after work, but we might need to blow off a little steam before we leave. Have a great day and know that I will be thinking of you till I have you in my arms again...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Nick Situation

Skip to the next day and I am a nervous wreck. The previous night found me running through the house like a madman, cleaning, straightening, arranging - you know all the stuff you do before company comes; especially really hot company that you are trying to impress against your better judgement. Perhaps you are asking yourself "What about the firefighter?" I know I sure did. Allow me to elaborate a little more about that whole scenario and it might help clarify exactly why I was doing what I did.

The last time I actually saw the firefighter was the beginning of January, the day he met Dante (but he still to this day doesn't know what role Dante played in my life) After that, his attitude towards me seemed to cool immensely (I'm pretty sure I blogged about it) and I would call him like two or three times before I would get a call back and then it was "Hey, I'm in Nevada visiting family" then it was "My car broke down so I am staying with my buddies for a few days till it gets fixed" then, "They need to order my car part, so it will take a week or two to even get here" and never once a "Hey, I miss you" or "I wish you would come and see me" (which I would have) and of course missed out on yet another family event (and I am very big on family) and the one thing that really stuck out in my mind - not even a text or a phone call on Valentine's Day. Super ouch. You know, it's not like I am expecting gifts, but really man? I've invested a year in you and you can't even pick up the phone and say hi? Gosh, maybe that's broken too. This whole episode really drove home for me how much I needed to let this guy go, no matter what the attraction. From that point on I stopped calling him and focused my attention on Nick which was becoming easier to do for multiple reasons which I will divulge later on. But what would be a good Mia story if I didn't have some sort of conundrum to still deal with. The issue? I still haven't told the firefighter that I am 1. wanting to break up with him (can you break up with someone you aren't sure your going out with?) and 2. Because I am seeing someone else. I feel that I should at least let him know what's up. The reason you ask? Because for the last week he has been blowing up my phone like he thought I died and came back from the dead. All the messages are the same "Just thinking about you and missing you. I guess when you find some time call me back." I don't call him and I get "I hope you are ok. I'm just worried about you and trying to track you down. I guess your time is pretty well monopolized, but I wish you would call me." and so on. What the stink? And people think chicks are complicated. To be fair I have called him back three separate times and he has been with his friends, family or literally getting ready to drop off to sleep and no matter what I just didn't have the heart to blurt out that I wanted to stop seeing and talking to him like that. I'd like to do it in person, but when the fuck am I going to see him? He left me a message last night saying that he wants to come and see me on St. Patricks Day - so now what? Do I wait till then or sack up and call him now and just do it over the phone? One last item of fun - Nick is still out of the loop on all this too. Good times.

Ok, back to the second date (if you will)

Nick gets to my house around 8:30 and we decide to just hang out on the couch, have a glass or two of wine and watch Tropic Thunder. For all of those who have scene it, you know what a terribly offensive movie this is. The best part is that we both loved it. We have the same sick sense of humor, laughed at the same shit, made the bad jokes about the movie and ended up scooting and snuggling closer and closer on the couch until I had my arms wrapped around his torso and he had his arm over my shoulder, hugging me and playing with my hair. Now, as I've said before, he is not a big drinker and at this time he has had one and a half glasses of wine which is his limit, and I've just finished glass number 3. As I'm hugging him, head resting on his tummy, I could swear I am feeling something rock hard against my forearm. "It must be his jeans. It has to be his jeans. Holy shit, I don't think that's his jeans. Oh. My. God. He is freaking huge." All the while he is rubbing my back and letting out little sighs, so I move my arm up a little and yup, the bump I was feeling goes away. I slide my arm back down and this time get a shudder and a sigh. I pull back and look up and he leans down to kiss me. Oh man, slow and sweet yet absolutely intense. I'm running my hands over his muscular arms as he holds my head telling me how he can't believe how lucky he is to be there with me, how beautiful I am, how he hasn't been able to keep me off his mind since he saw me etc. The kisses get a little faster, more demanding and soon, it's all I can do to try to keep my mind focused. Ok Mia, time to slow down, way down. I pull back and away, say I have to use the restroom and almost run from the room trying to compose myself. I decide that if I don't put the kibosh on this right here, right now, I was going to rip this guys clothes off and wreck this fool. Good God, I sound like such a slut. In my defense in a years time, the firefighter and I slept together 3, yes 3 times and the first time was 9 months after we met.

Anyway ~

I walk back out into the living room, sit next to him on the couch and say "I've had a really nice time, but you have to go." The look he gave me was of utter disbelief. He sputters out "I'm really sorry, I usually don't get that aggressive with someone so soon. I didn't mean to upset you or anything." I laughed and said "Honey, I'm not offended, but you still need to go ok? I really did have fun and look forward to doing it again, but you still gotta go." I stand up, he follows suit and looks depressed and somewhat crestfallen. I on the other hand, am looking at this fool thinking good Lord, this guy is gorgeous and he clearly wants you - why in the hell are you throwing him out? You know why kids? Cause I wanted him to come back. I wanted him to realize that no matter how good looking you are (or you think you are, cause he clearly knows he is) not every chick is gonna sleep with you right away to try and keep you. After everything else with Dante and me hanging in there and pursuing the firefighter for a freaking year only to be let down, I figured fuck it. Let this dude pursue me if he's up to the challenge.

He started to look genuinely upset and he said that he hoped I wasn't throwing him out because of his behavior. I laughed, walked over to him kissed him and said no, it was because I needed to keep us both in check. We walked to his car and kissed again and he said "Now you have really got me intrigued. No one has ever thrown me out before." I laughed and said "No dear, I just asked you to leave. If I would have had to throw you out, you and I would be having a very different conversation right now." I smile, tell him to drive safe and again, turn around and walk away. Second time's a charm cause I get a text later on saying "Hello beautiful. I have never met another woman like you and don't think I ever will. Can't get you out of my head and am counting the hours till I see you again. I know it's soon, but I'd like to take you away for the weekend if you're free..."

Monday, March 9, 2009

Adventures in dating - continued

About 30 minutes after I tell him to come on by, the doorbell rings and the nervousness begins to set in. As usual, my mind starts racing with 80,000 different thoughts such as:

Do you really remember what this guy looks like?
What if he gets totally freaked out by the house? (my step mom's taste in decorating is more than a little different, but that's a story for another blog)
What the hell am I doing even going out with this guy?
What are you going to tell the firefighter?
Am I going to tell the firefighter?
What if he's really a total jerk? Maybe I should take my own car.
If he's as hot as I remember, I sure hope I run into Dante somewhere.
I wonder if my dad will like him?
Hell, I wonder if I will like him?

I take a deep breath, open the door and - dear God - has he possibly gotten hotter than he was last night? A nice pair of jeans and one of those form fitting polo shirts that feels all silky to the touch and shows off those muscular arms I was hoping I didn't imagine. He smiles and says hi and I do the same and invite him in. He comes in, sits on the couch and starts chatting with the folks like they were catching up on old times. No hints of nervousness or lull in conversation and I am just sitting there thinking man, what is the freaking catch? Guys just don't do this sort of thing, at least not the ones I go out with. Hmmm, maybe I should rethink my caliber of men....anyway, we all sit there and talk for about 20 minutes and then we take off to go to this little corner bar to get a drink. What impressed me right away? The manners. He opened my car door, waited till I got in and shut it, so I reached over and opened his for him. I was under the impression that this is what females should do; I mean, it's what I've always done. In any event, he was quite surprised and said that no one else had ever done that for him before and he was touched by the thoughtfulness of it. Now I just can't wait to see what comes out of this guys mouth next.

So we get there, sit at the bar and start talking about hi-lites of the game, other sports we enjoy, life, things we like to do, what bugs us and again, we end up having great conversation. What's even better? This guy is funny. I mean, my type of humor funny. A little sarcastic, blatantly obvious humor with a dash of smartass. While all this is going on, he keeps scooting his bar stool closer to me, telling me how pretty I am, how happy he is that I decided to see him and he'd really like to take me out again. I finish my beer and although I am still trying to be cautious, I find myself more feeling comfortable and attracted to this guy than I want to be at the moment so I tell him I'm getting tired and ask if he'll take me home, which he does with no hesitation and says "I'm glad your ready. Not because I wouldn't love to sit here and talk to you all night, but I want to get home to my daughter and after last night, I didn't want you to think I had another date after you or anything." (insert a ridiculously cute little crooked smile here) Poor bastard. I had been ripping him up one side and down the other about the series of speed dates that he had recently been on, so this I took with a grain of salt. I laughed, said no worries and he took me back to my dad's. Once we get there, he pulls to a stop and I blurt out "You don't need to get out or anything you can just drop me off right here you know". Out comes that cute, crooked smile again and he says "Well, if I want to get out and say good-bye is that ok?" I laughed and found that I was actually a little disappointed the evening was going to be over. He gets out and walks over to where I am standing and again says what a nice time he had, how he wants to do it again soon and when can he see me again? I say I will call him later and let him know and he says "Ok, I'll be home in like 10 minutes if you want to call me then. I'm kidding! Well, sort of. I will just be happy that you call me whenever it is." So I look up at him (He's like 6'1 or 6'2 while I stand just over 5') and say "Don't worry, I'll call you soon" then proceed to launch myself up at him, give him a quick kiss on the lips, smile and say good night." He looks kinds shocked, then laughs and says "For a second there I thought you were going to attack me." to which I say "Good thing you were on your best behavior then huh?" and this time when I wave good bye, I don't look back. It must have worked cause I got a text from him a few hours later that said "I really want you to know what a nice time I had tonight..Good chemistry and you seem real. I like that. Sweet dreams and looking forward to hearing from you soon..." Giggling like a little girl I text him back and say that I have school and another appointment later on in the week, but if he wants to stop by for a movie tomorrow night I would be free. In less that 30 seconds I get one back saying "I'll be there around 7:30. What can I bring?"....


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