Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It seems like everywhere you look, on the back of on old person's car you will see a AAA sticker. I remember noticing that around the ripe old age of 16 after I started driving and immediately associated it with the elderly and wanted nothing to do with it after that. 'What kind of a geezer has AAA?'

Well, now I am that kind of geezer, a mere 16 years later. Aside from the fact it's like 50 bucks a year and (my very favorite part) the DMV service! Are you shitting me? All of these years that I have wasted time at the DMV, either waiting in line, helped by some rude jackass who can't understand me cause I can't understand them, being handed back paperwork to go and fix because I wrote the date on the wrong line or some lame thing, having to get out of one line and into another - and AAA has a DMV window at their offices the whole time?!?! Where that can do all this stuff and more? Without an appointment? Where I have never waited more than 20 minutes total? What a great idea!

Then I vaguely remember my aunts voice in my head over the years telling me she was going to run over to AAA on her lunch to go renew her tags, get her license plates etc. and I thought that she must have meant the DMV - I mean both three letters right? Easy mistake? Nope. So really, I have known about this for a long time, but never made the connection. Silly me.

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