Friday, January 29, 2010

People suck and other thoughts

I have been doing really good on the quest to become a better me. I have gone to yoga three times since my last post, have forgone beer (which I love) and have tried really hard to watch what I'm eating. Steps in the right direction I guess -

Which I would have loved to tell you about it earlier except my phone, Internet and cable was out for three days so I was pretty much out of touch. The best part was when the Comcast guy came out and spent two hours at my house simply befuddled as to what the problem might be. Suddenly he thinks to look at the cable box - and promptly discovered that our ghetto trash next door neighbors were stealing our cable! How awesome is that? And the dumb fucks didn't even have a presence of mind to get a splitter and do it right. They literally unscrewed our cable line and ran one from their house into our box - and left our line laying next to it. I told Nick that he better handle it with the neighbors and the landlord cause it won't be pretty if it's in my hands. I so don't trust these fuck sticks and would love some sort of retaliation, but I'm wondering if them just being them is punishment enough. After all - when they first moved in, they ran off of a generator for three weeks cause they couldn't pay their electricity bill. It irks me cause I work a lot of nights at home (like 4-5) to get done stuff I can't get to during the day and so I missed out on getting paid for that because of these assholes. Has anyone been in a situation like this before? Did Comcast actually do anything or do shit heads like this get away with this crap? They had us fill out FCC paperwork, said it was a Federal Offense etc, but I'm just not sure how convinced I am....

Anyway, that irritation aside, I'm doing ok with trying to get healthier and have lost 4.6 pounds since I first started:) If anyone else out there is trying to do right by themselves, I'd love to read your blog or hear your feedback. Happy Friday everyone!

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Bevie said...

For your own internal health I would recommend not bothering with the neighbors any more than you have to. No matter what you find to do for revenge those types of people always win out. Report them and leave it to the authorities - who will probably do nothing. But don't let it rankle you or you'll get all kinds of illnesses. It's true. Being angry isn't healthy. Concentrate on the good stuff you're doing and how happy you are with Nick.

Just my thoughts.


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