Monday, January 25, 2010

Trying to be a better me - day 1

Ok. So far, so good. I ate my lunch that I brought with me today (thank God as I didn't leave for lunch again today) have stayed far away from the candy bowl in my buddy's office and have generally been on my best behavior food wise. Probably cause I've been too busy to give too much thought to food :) Yoga wise - not so much. Have every intent on going to the 5:30am class - clothes laid out, water bottle and mat at the ready - only to hear my alarm go off, crack one eye open and think "It's 4:45 and it's freezing outside. Chico is so soft and warm. Maybe I will just go to the 6:30 class tonight..." which sounds awesome except I am here, at work, writing this at 6:10 when it takes me about 30 minutes to get there. When there is no traffic. And no rain. Oh well. Some days work comes first and this is one of those days. Shooting for Tuesday...

Nick is in a foul mood because of school stuff with his daughter - sorry all - don't feel like re-hashing it at the moment, but I'm going to try and stay strong and not take them out for ice cream after a tough day.

Dante is still in Colorado. His mom and his son moved up there permanently last week. I sure do miss his son. He is and always will be my guy (the son that is). They want me to come for a visit at the end of the February. They have invited Nick although I don't think he really wants to go, but that is a blog for another day or perhaps later tonight if I'm feeling frisky.

Best of luck to me and everyone else out there who is trying to make changes for the better!


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